Saturday, July 18, 2009

Scenic drive to the Wairau River Reserve.

Summer Stock Sunday, scenic drive.

Scenic lane to a pretty view of the Wairau River scenic reserve, where there are lots of wild native birds and a nice picnic area, great for swimming on a hot day.

Porshe guarding the keys.

Porsche, guards the car keys on our windowsill.
Sadly the car is a very nice Toyota Camry, not a beautiful Porsche.

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First time I have entered this meme, Porsche is a Silver Blue Burmese girl.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sea Gulls on a stormy day

Summer Stock Sunday and Pets Pride Meme
Red Billed Gulls catch a free ride on the fishing boats railings during a stormy trip down the Havelock Sounds. Not exactly pets just very grateful friendly birds, riding while others have to wheel and fly in the strong wind. Beaks to the wind everyone, and hold on tightly.
Taken through the front, sea spray covered window.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Queenie and Krishna

Pet Pride Meme, follow the link to many more lovely pets.
This is from back in the days when I had a white Poodle dog called Queenie and a Siamese cat called Krishna.
Queenie had just been groomed, which she hated so much it seldom happened.
She felt she was looking so good that she should be allowed on the bed where she was not normally allowed, beautiful Krishna is just tolerating the presence of dog on her territory, one false move would have Queenie showed to the floor instantly. Krishna was always the boss.

Marlborough Sounds Walkway

Summer Stock Sunday. Meme
There is a wonderful walkway around most of the Marlborough Sounds starting at Ship's Cove where Captain Cook landed a long time ago, the walkway winds its way slowly to Nydia Bay, a distance of about 40 km I guess, a long way anyway.
We just happened to be at Resolution Bay and decided to walk a very short distance on the trail through the bush enjoying the wonderful scenery along the way. The trail meanders through farm land as well as the forest, so you are often wandering among sheep or cattle.
A great way to enjoy a cool winters day, you soon warm up.
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