Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Sister's surprise birthday Party

Summer Stock Sunday.
My dear sister Rowena was totally overwhelmed by the surprise 60th birthday party all her family and friends put on for her this Sunday. The lovely cake was baked by her youngest daughter Kirstie, we all enjoyed it and to give everyone a piece the whole cake was cut up and eaten. There would of been at least 100 people packed in to the restaurant to celebrate, we all had a wonderful time. She was given plane tickets for a free holiday in Australia, plus absolutely masses of both NZ and Aus $ as spending money, so wonderful when she has been very sick and has just lost her job, because of the recesssion. Arn't freinds and family wonderful sometimes.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rooster lazing in the garden

Pet Pride.
Camera Critters.

Do check out lots more wonderful animals at both of these Memes.

I spotted this big rooster lazing in the garden on Lifou Island, he was waiting for dinner time so he could eat up the scraps.
There was also a skinny cat and a mangy dog waiting eagerly for their share of the scraps.
Yes they did get plenty of tit bits from us all.

Fancy Sun Hats from Lifou Island.

Summer Stock Sunday, wearing fancy hand made sun hats at Lifou Island. Couldn't stand too close together with the long fronds sticking out all around your head, but they were comfortable and covered with little flowers too.
Erle's expression shows about what he thought of the hats.
I am standing outside the Big Chief's palace/house, not exactly an every day Sunday experience either! (Seems I took off my hat for the big chief)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Man with pet Python

Pet Pride.
This man in Langkawi, Malaysia with his pet python, he was so proud of this snake, he wanted us to have a hold, but as New Zealand has no snakes at all, we have a horror of the reptiles and wouldn't touch it.
He was a taxi driver who took his pet along on his taxi jobs! Wouldn't happen in our country!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Summer Stock Sunday.
On board the Pacific Sun, cruising the Pacific, there is lots of time to just sit inthe sun with a book relaxing while watching the waves outside the port hole windows. Pull up another of these extra comfy chairs and join us, the cocktail waitress will be along soon, we can have a little party.