Friday, January 22, 2010

Our visit to my sweet Great Gran Child

We have been planing for ages to go to Nelson to visit my grand daughter Teagan and her little daughter Katie May, my only Great Gran child. Today we had the great pleasure of visiting them. I asked Teagan if Katie May could put on her lovely new dress, and Teagan agreed to do so. The long pretty purple dress looked so lovely on her and Katie May looked so very much older than her 2 years. She is an intelligent wee girl and loves to watch children's TV, in her special pink chair with her pink and blue What Not toys that she was quick to show me.

I went armed with lots of sweeties, cause all little children adore sweets and Mother's seldom allow many, that is what grand parents are for; to spoil the little dears. Katie May really enjoyed her lollipop.

After a lovely visit to Katie and Teagan we journeyed on to have lunch and a bottle of wine, with my Daughter Nyle and my grandson Kayne. We had a great afternoon together til Kayne left to assist Shane with his deliveries.
Just time for a quick visit to my other granddaughter Shakara as we drove through Nelson City.
Then it was time for the long drive back home, but what a happy day spent with my family.