Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nyle's Sponsorship training gear.

My daughter Nyle will be race walking in the World games in Australia, in two weeks time, to do so she has enlisted some sponsorship.

To start with she had set herself a goal of how much sponsorship she wanted to achieve. she wanted to sell 10 golds certificates, 10 silvers and 10 Bronze. I am thrilled to say that she have sold all 10 of her Golds, 3 of Silvers and 4 Bronze. she will try for one more week to sell off the last of the silver and bronze certificates and that will be it. Nyle has put her sponsors names and logos on her training top (as per photo's) and yes she does train in it. Her training partner says its like walking with a advertising billboard .. She has also put the same names onto her training bag, it looks very official now.
I think she looks pretty neat in her training gear, and its great that she has managed to find enough sponsorship to assist with her expenses while at the World Games. Now she just has to concentrate on her racing and her times and the health and fitness of her legs and feet,
You go girl!

A blogaholic.

I saw this on Gillian from South Africa's blog and had to borrow it. Oh yes I am a blogaholic!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Petonche Game

Summer Stock Sunday.
My grand children play a game of petonche at the beach house while at a family gathering. There were no rules just fun.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A real smart dog.

High time I featured a dog for Pet Pride Meme.
Not my dog, just one I found on the net and was impressed with. I hope you enjoy watching him too. He is better at pool than I am.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Stephanie's 9th birthday party

Pet Pride, for the big orange Garfield cat toy!

Summer Stock Sunday.
We were invited to another important birthday party, Stephanie our youngest grand daughters 9th birthday. She had many guests both young and old to celebrate her day, a bubble machine supplied an endless stream of colourful glinting bubbles that danced around the girls as they played on a delightfully hot Spring day.
The girls had a big orange Garfield that was fulled with sweets to play toss with till he fell to pieces and all the candy was gobbled up quickly, there was all the old fashioned games like pass the parcel, musical chairs, pin the nose on the clown and hide and seek games all with prizes for the winner.
Then all the food came out and children descended like locusts and quickly there was very little left. A chocolate mud cake was the birthday cake with candles that we couldn't keep burning in the gentle breeze, but Stephanie cut it anyway, it was delicious.