Sunday, March 22, 2009

Belgrove 18Km Race Walking Event

My Daughter Nyle just gets better and better, this is what was printed in the Nelson Daily Mail.

In the 18km walk, Nyle S. broke the women's record set by Wendy Healey in 2005 by 3min 36sec in recording a time of 1hr 55min 7sec. Her time was also an impressive improvement of 7min 56sec over her time last year.


Nyle said...

its awesome to see you are my biggest fan mum....hugs to you.

Wish me luck for Wellington as this is my BIG race against the Open Women (meaning all ages) If I can bring home a medal from this one then I give you full bragging rights.

Ann said...

This is one proud MUM!!!!!

I will be proud too if my daughter is such an achiever.



p/s good luck Nyle for the Wellington race.

Will you be coming to Auckland. I can be your foot massager.