Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mussel and Peach Frittata.

Since you all enjoyed my other recipe for mussels I thought I would share another.

Mussel and Peach Frittata.

12 cooked chopped Mussels 1TB Olive Oil
Chopped Onion 1 clove Garlic
2 TB Parsley 2 TB SR Flour
1 Egg separated Squeeze Lemon juice
Half cup Chopped cooked Peaches Salt and Pepper
Mix everything together with egg yolk, then beat egg white stiff and fold gently
into the mixture. Stir til mixed. Pour into a oven proof pan and cook in oven on medium heat til nicely set and cooked..
Or this can also be cooked as fritters, fry spoonfuls in hot oil on both sides then drain on absorbent paper.
Or cook in a fry pan on top of stove til set then put in over under the grill to set the top and finish the cooking.


Ann said...

Did you watch the master Chef? I glued my eyes to it.

Scott Edward Anderson said...

Awesome. Made it this morning with left over mussels. Brilliant combination of flavors.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.