Saturday, September 17, 2011

Spring-Fest, portrait

A Maori lady Repeka,from our Church, invited us to the Spring-Fest Carnival on the foreshore, she shouted us wild venison sausages for lunch which we had with wine, then she made us try her Kina sandwich, Kina is a seafood not eaten by people other than Maori, but we had a try and it was .... sort of ok, edible anyway, The Kina comes from Sea Eggs and is yellow in colour. Followed by a special lemonade apple. Yumm that was a nice lunch. Then we both had our portrait drawn by a local artist, Repeka had her portrait drawn in a sea setting, he drew her as a mermaid! A siren singing in sailors,
He asked what I was famous for and I said taxi driving, so he drew me as a taxi driver, driving a Rolls Royce car! I love it.
We listened to the music and the singing for a while before we made our way home. Thankyou Repeka for a lovely afternoons entertainment.

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