Monday, October 20, 2008


Porsche, our Siver Blue Burmese cat, is such a happy cat, notice the big smiles. She is all grown up now. This was her favourite chair, but we have moved home and no longer have this old chair so she is still finding good sunny places to sit and dream.


LIVE TO EAT said...


Greetings from Buffalo, NY - USA.

Porsche sure is a beautiful cat. I bet she makes you very happy.


ateche said...

What a sweet looking kitty! She just looks so happy lounging in the sun!

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Wisconsin USA

Charolette said...

OH I miss my kitty:) She is so beautiful.

Ella Parry said...

Hi Glennis, Thank for your comment.
My mother-in-low and sister-in -low both live in NZ and they from UK.

Have a nice day!!!

Ella Parry said...

They are lovely!!!

Ruth Almeida said...

Tks for your comment!!! :)
How did u find me??


Ruth Almeida said...

I'm from Brazil, but I lived in NZ for 6 months in 2003!!!
I miss this place!!!
Nice to meet you!

Nettie said...

I love your cats Glennis! I have owned several Burmese over the years and know how affectionate they are!
Greetings from SA!