Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Big Raisin

We have 2 beautiful cats, Big Raisin is a Maine Coon Cat, or so we have been told. We just know he is a long-haired black cat with personality. He has the bigest fluffiest tail, just like a squirrel tail we think. Raisin and Porsche are very good friends, playing together all day long, with never a cross word between them.
Raisin is now about 16 years old and still going strong, though he is not as active as he used to be and no longer catches birds or mice like he used to.


Paguda said...

amo gatos, mas não tenho um =(

ainda não, mas tenho o sonho de ter um gato preto!

Indrani said...

Hi, I was searching for your My World Post. :) You have wonderful shots here. Your cats look majestic.

Gattina said...

He looks like the brother of my cat Kim ! Unfortunately she is very shy and is mostly outside. She is a rather strange cat I don't know why because she had always had a good life, I had her as baby. Cats like people have all different characters !