Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Vitamin are you?

You Are B Vitamins

~ B

You are energetic and lively. You have the resources to be very active in life.
You are likely quite athletic and healthy. Your body is a well oiled machine.

You seem to bounce back more quickly than most people. You don't stay tired for long.
Your energy seems to feed itself. Once you get moving, it's hard for you to stop!


Ann said...

Hi Glennis,

Right now, I don't think I am any vitamin. I had the flu jab 4 weeks ago, I have this mild flu like nagging problem. never too ill, but not 100%.

Isn't the new swine virus simply awful? And to think, we have Auckland students who went there.

How was your week end?


Ann :)

Gran said...

I am Vitamin C! Thanks for sharing this quiz; I posted on my blog and gave you credit.