Sunday, April 26, 2009

Porsche in hiding.

Pretty Porsche our Silver Blue Burmese cat, is hiding behind the teddy bears.

"Haha you can't see me."

But if you enlarge the photo you will see she is peeping at me from behind the candle.

Porsche couldn't let a good photo opportunity go by with out a small secret smile.


Bonnie Bonsai said...

I love the colour of your posh car, I mean your beautiful cat. Nice little prose to compliment by.

Thanks for coming to visit my cat blog.

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello Glennis!
Your cat is so cute!
I loved the colour!
We have a brazilian snowshoe cat called Luna (
All cats are great friends indeed!Luna is party of our family here.
Many thanks for your visit in our blog!
Kind Regards from Brazil

Powell River Books said...

Cats are such wonderful friends! Thanks for stopping by to see my float garden and asparagus harvest. Yes, the garden does float on the lake. It has four raised beds on a cedar log float. When it is out by our log boom in the lake it is safe from hungry critters that live on shore. It is also fairly easy for me to reach from my nearby floating cabin. I invite you to come by later in the summer to see my other harvests. - Margy

Jo said...

Oh what a beautiful cat Pretty Porsche is, Glennis. I love cats, have eight in my home.

Anna said...

Oh wow Gennis he looks like part of the display. BTW thanks for the lovely visit to my blog. Anna :)

madretz said...

heehee, they always have to keep an eye on us even if they think we can't see them!