Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Link to my Daughters Phuket blog

My Daughter Nyle and her husband Shane are currently holidaying in Phuket Thailand, you can follow their holiday fun here

They are having the time of their lives and it makes for interesting reading. I can't beleive they actually got to ride elephants and even to pat and cuddle tiger cubs! I am green with envy!


Ann said...

Lucky you, Nyle.

Did your mum tell you that we are freezing in NZ while you get toasted in Phuket.

Enjoy yourself.

Do some walking too.

Jama said...

I'm going to Phuket in early June, hoping to have some good time too like your dd.

Nyle said...

Jama - I am sure you will have a blast. Take advantage of all you can. I will be adding more to my blogg over the next few days so please brouse and leave comments too.

Ann - I did try to go out for a run (twice) but was too hot. We walked every where but in 35 deg heat...we nearly melted. Lol

Rajesh said...

You both have beautiful blogs.